2024 Courses & Workshops

Please use the Contact Us section to express an interest in our courses which we are planning to run in 2024
Creative Change - ONE DAY PILOT WORKSHOP We are often encouraged to 'be the change' we'd like to see in the world. But what does that mean? Whether you want to focus on a change in yourself, your relationships or the world in general - we will focus on how to do this creatively. Explore your unique purpose and self expression through getting to know your creative heart. This is not a 'how to' draw / paint / write / perform workshop although any or all of these elements could be used to express your change creatively. Contact us for more details.
As it is the first of this kind of workshop, costs will be low and will include refreshments and a light lunch.

Introducing Eco-Mindfulness - Connecting with Nature - ONE / TWO DAY WORKSHOPS set in the beautiful Pant Hall Cloister Gardens. Develop your 'experience of the moment' through eco-mindfulness, connecting with nature and the art of haiku.

Earth in Crisis Our home is in crisis - this is a vital time in history to develop a fuller understanding of our world and our place in it. A weekend interactive course at Pant Hall Cloister Gardens examining principles of ecology and conservation and discussing the implications for our lives today. Combining presentations, practical ecology and group discussions.

Includes light lunch and refreshments
Sorry no dogs - please contact us if you have special needs, the garden is hilly and not wheelchair accessible.
DATES - subject to demand in 2024 - please contact us to express your interest!